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Misty Buscher, candidate for Mayor, today announced it was time to think outside the box and inject new life and excitement into one of Springfield’s most underused assets, the Lake

Springfield Beach House.

“Our beach house is an impressive stone building located on a beautiful setting and yet it sits empty on most days,” Buscher said.

“I am proposing developing an exciting outdoor/indoor experience, with food trucks, picnic tables with umbrellas and casual seating areas. The outside food court would also have bocce ball courts, “bag” game area, playground and a small stage for outdoor entertainment,” she said.

Buscher said she would propose a lease for the building to a vendor who would provide liquid refreshments for those who want to sit inside or on the gorgeous patio overlooking the lake.

Buscher orchestrated drawings for this concept on her own without using city finances.

“Springfield is blessed to have beautiful parks and recreational facilities at our lake, and now is the time to inject new life and vitality to this underused gem,” she concluded.

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How about city works supporting female supervisors? All workers, regardless of color, must respect the supervisor and do the work that’s needed The trucks and what’s needed to do the job is priority if the workers don’t have the tools, they can’t do the job

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