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Better Community

Issues important to Misty are included below but to hear more of her ideas, listen to the debates and interviews as she discusses these ideas.

    • Public Safety
      • Redesign recruitment strategies for hiring to expand the neighborhood police officers so there is one in every Ward. 

      • Expand the Shot Spotter program so that our police officers have timely and expanded data at their fingertips to be proactive.

      • Increase the number of police officers on the street to drastically reduce response time. View the video here.


    • Inclusion
      • Expand the diversity hiring to include more women and minorities in all roles, especially in leadership positions.


    • Job Growth
      • Misty will be the “sales person” for the City inviting and meeting with industry leaders and companies to attract business to Springfield. 

      • Seek out those companies that offer higher paying jobs as in technology, healthcare, STEM, business or legal professionals.

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