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Better Development

Misty’s plans/ideas for development are included below but to hear more of her ideas, listen to the debates and interviews as she discusses these ideas.

  • Attract and retain businesses to Springfield with a focus on expanding technology and medical jobs.

  • Support downtown business expansion and the Master Plan for Downtown and the Medical District. Springfield Downtown and Medical District Master Plan

  • Develop creative streetscapes.

  • Expand the use of City Works and enable online submissions for building, planning, and permitting.

  • Explore ways to provide one on one support for developers.

  • Utilizing the City’s Comprehensive Plan, create an attractive, connected, and growing city, that maintains and builds upon its unique and special past, while providing a proud new legacy for current and future residents.  Link to the plan

  • By thinking creatively, execute the proposed changes and enhancements to the Lake Springfield Beach House area to provide a place for all of Springfield to go to enjoy the lake, food trucks and entertainment. 

  • Hearing and seeing many areas that need cleanup, collaborate more extensively and on a regular basis with neighborhood associations for creative ideas around neighborhood cleanup, infrastructure needs and beautification efforts.

  • The Y block has been empty for 6 years.  In collaboration with the community, develop the best and highest use of the Y Block.  

Empty Y block.png
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